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Book Battle 2015

Book Battle 2015

With 2015 drawing ever closer, I’ve decided it’s time to pick up this long forgotten blog, dust it off, and do something fun. It’s time for a BOOK BATTLE.

My best friend, in her insomnia, found a pin on pinterest about a book challenge for 2015. My first thought, this is going to be amazing. I was born to conquer this challenge. So for the past few weeks both of us have been trying to stockpile books that fit into the different categories. And there are a lot of categories; 52 to be exact. To add too the 52 category madness, each book must be one that you haven’t read before. Ahhh! And the frantic search began.

Now the list is almost complete and ready to be put into action January 1, 2015. Here are a few of the books that made my list: The Last Unicorn, a movie I loved as a kid and never even knew it was a book until recently, Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Foer, The Secret Place by Tana French, the Remember Me trilogy by Christopher Pike, loved that man’s writing as a tween, and Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion because California in the 60’s can’t be anything but entertaining.

Fellow book readers, if your interest has been piqued, which I hope it has, I invite you, no I challenge you, to join me in Book Battle 2015. Get to know some new authors, immerse yourself in a new world, and finally read that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for years. Now is the time. Invite your friends, have a competition, even read the same books to compare notes. There’s books involved so you know it’s going to be a good time.

Here’s the link for you interested folks:

I hope you’ll join me and let me know what books made your list.