The Secret Place

The Secret Place

I’ve been under Tana French’s spell since her first novel In The Woods. She has such a lyrical writing style that manages to evoke such startling images in my imagination. In particular, I love how French recycles her characters in her novels so you can see different facets of them.

While not necessarily your typical mystery fare, French is one of my favorite mystery/suspense writers. I enjoy her intense focus on her characters in their growth and dissolution. She really manages to let her audience dip their toes into different groups of Irish society and experience them. The novel prior to this one, Broken Harbor, left me with chills. Showing the slow deconstruction of a person and how little it takes to make humanity snap was terrifying and eye-opening. French is a no holds barred writer, something I myself aspire to be. She creates full bodied characters that are capable of great things and of terrible things. They’re human, trying to work their way around in the world without instructions.

So follow me on this adventure into the darker side of human nature. It’s sure to be interesting if a wee bit terrifying.

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