Everything Is Illuminated

Everything Is Illuminated

Book Battle 2015 continues with a novel by an author under 30, and that novel is Everything Is Illuminated. I saw the trailer for this novel, well the movie adaptation, years ago and thought that it would be entertaining but for some reason never went out to see it. And in a way I’m glad I didn’t because now I get to read the book first and then watch the movie. As if I needed more impetus to read but then it never hurts.

The author of Everything Is Illuminated, Jonathan Safran Foer, published the book in 2002 when he was 25, pretty impressive. The basic premise is the main character, who has the same name as the author, goes to Ukraine in search of a lady named Augustine that saved his grandfather’s life from the Nazi’s during WWII. Now I’m not sure exactly if this is autobiographical or a literary convention the author is using but I will keep you updated on what I find out. Based solely on the book’s jacket, I think this is going to be one wild ride of a read. I admit the jacket design had me a bit confused, it’s an inversion of itself black and white lettering on one side and white with black lettering on the other. Going from back to front you also have to flip the book upside down to read each flap. Typical for me, I started on the wrong side and when I went to open the book all the text was upside down. Though the design did pique my interest, well played jacket designer.

I’m pretty pumped to begin the next phase of the Book Battle and can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in Everything Is Illuminated. Happy reading fellow Book Battlers!

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  1. I bought this book because I love the author. Haven’t read it yet but I really want to. I saw the movie as well and it seemed so interesting.

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