Bringing Back the ’90s

Bringing Back the ’90s

This category was a tough one for me to find. The graphic novel genre is a lot bigger than I thought it was, which made it difficult for me to narrow down a novel that really interested me. At first I really wanted to read Fables by Neil Gaiman, because he’s amazing, but I could only find the second volume. For me, I always want to read the books in order whether or not they need to be that way. The ultimate decision ended up being what my local library had, which was Ghost World by Daniel Clowes. I remember when I was a kid people talking about this graphic novel and the movie with Thora Birch. But other than that I don’t really know anything about it.

From the back it sounds like this graphic novel is going to pack a lot of punch. It’s a coming of age story about two teenage girls who are facing the uncertain future of adulthood. Flipping through the book it definitely looks ’90s-tastic, which brings me back. I’m excited to see what this exploration of the graphic novel has in store. Happy reading!

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    • Thanks for the clarification! I did definitely mix the two up! The library had Gaiman’s Sandman Fables and Reflections but it’s volume 6 so I said no go. But I saw the premise for Fables by Bill Willingham and was so intrigued!

      • Ah, that makes sense.

        Some of the volumes, Dream Country (Vol. 3) and Fables & Reflections (Vol. 6) are made up of individual short issues which can easily stand alone from the rest of the series. I recommend either of them as great places to try out Sandman and see if it’s to your tastes before you commit to the entire series. (The rest should definitely be read in order, but those two work great as standalones.)

        Dream Country is my personal pick for the best place to start, because it contains a great story which ties into Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s a good issue to show off the myth, literature and folklore side of Sandman because so many people know Shakespeare well.

        (I’m rereading Sandman right now, so I’m excited to share. lol)

      • That sounds amazing!! A literature lover’s dream! I’m going to hunt those volumes down stat!! Thank you so much for the input. I’m ridiculously excited to explore this new realm of Shakespeare!

      • Excellent, I hope you like it. I wrote a paper on that particular issue for a Shakespeare class in college. The professor asked to borrow my copy, then ended up having the whole class read it because of how much of Shakespeare’s history it used, and how many different plays and theories were worked into a single comic. So it really is a literature lover’s dream.


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