Mixing Up Some Magic

Mixing Up Some Magic

The next category I’ve chosen in Book Battle 2015 is a book with magic. I’ve decided on China Mieville’s Un Lun Dun. This book was recommended to me years ago and for some reason I never picked it up. I’ve decided to right that wrong and finally read it.

Un Lun Dun sounds like a mixture of Alice in Wonderland and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Two girls, the chosen one Zanna and her friend Deeba, find themselves falling through the looking glass and onto the magical streets of Un Lun Dun. Un Lun Dun is a foil of London itself and is a place where things people discard end up and are put to use. Everything that is lost and broken finds it’s way to Un Lun Dun in what the Un Lun Duners call moil. With the arrival of Zanna and her friend Deeba, Un Lun Dun sees the arrival of the hero they’ve been waiting for to end a battle that might destroy their world.

I’ve never read a book by China Mieville before and am excited to do so. I love finding new authors to include in my repertoire of books. I feel like so often I stay with the same authors or the same genre that it’s nice to find something and someone different to push me out of the nest.

Stay tuned for the review of Un Lun Dun for some magical fun! Happy reading!

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