Road Trip

Road Trip

This installment of Book Battle 2015 is another travel destination. This time it’s a place you’ve always wanted to visit, which for me is Vermont. I’ve always wanted to go to the East Coast to see all of the fall colors, especially Vermont and New Hampshire. The pictures I’ve seen are breathtaking. I haven’t really explored the East Coast very much at all so why not start out with a little fiction book traveling to whet the appetite.

The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon is set in Vermont and takes place in two different time periods, 1908 and the present day. The book follows the main characters as they try to make sense of the strange disappearances happening in their small Vermont town. When Ruthie from the present day finds the diary of Sara Harrison Shea from 1908 the worlds collide and Ruthie must stop history from repeating itself.

I have picked up this book so many times in the bookstore that I finally just bought it and decided to read it for this challenge. Naturally I had something else written down but this book was just calling my name. I’m so excited to finally read it and delve into the strange happening surrounding West Hall, Vermont and find out what Ruthie will discover.

Stay tuned for the review of The Winter People. 

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