Back to the Future

Back to the Future

The next book in Book Battle 2015 is a novel set in the future. Not having read many science fiction novels, I wasn’t really sure where to go with this category. I asked everyone I know who reads sci-fi and compiled some possibilities and then went browsing the local library. Funny enough, I didn’t end up choosing any of the novels that were recommended to me. I chose Connie Willis’s novel To Say Nothing of the Dog. I just kind of stumbled across the book while I was looking for another one and the title caught my eye. After I read the synopsis I decided that this was going to be the sci-fi book for me.

Set in Oxford, England in the year 2060, the novel is about a group of time traveling scholars who are looking for the Bishop’s Bird Stump in order to rebuild Coventry Cathedral for their patron Lady Schrapnell. The main character ends up getting something called time lag and then is ordered to take a break. To escape the demands of the patron, his team sends him to Oxford in the Victorian era to take a break. But apparently, there is boo break to be had as another colleague brings back an anomaly from Victorian England to the present that could destroy the space time continuum.

Needless to say, this novel sounds like a lot of fun. It’s got all the elements in it, mystery, intrigue, time travel, romance, humor. I can’t wait to get started. Happy reading!

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