Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish, is the top ten authors you’d love to meet. I’ve had the chance to meet a few authors and, let me tell you, it’s kind of terrifying and nerve wracking. It’s also exhilarating meeting the person who’s brain spawned something you love but it’s so hard trying to talk intelligently when all you want to say is, “I love you so much.” But for this weeks theme I’m going to hold it together. Without further ado, these are the authors I would love to meet (on some plane):

1. Jane Austen

First of all I think Jane Austen would be hilarious in real life just like she is in her books. I love some irony and sarcasm. I would also love to ask her what she thinks of all of these Pride and Prejudice spin off books.

2. Daphne du Maurier

This is one of the authors I would be most intimidated to meet. She’s such an amazing talent I don’t know if I could even form words. I’ve read so many of her novels and watched the movie adaptations I would love to just listen to her talk and see how her brain works.

3. Raymond Chandler

Another author I would be really intimated to meet. Chandler’s writing style is, to me, perfection. He can write a sentence with a bang like no one else.

4. Nova Ren Suma

One of the authors I’ve just recently discovered, Nova Ren Suma is absolutely amazing. Her writing is so lyrical and just immerses you in a wave of words. I would love to talk to her about writing technique and how to craft the perfect YA novel.

5. Joan Didion

This lady saw so many amazing events in her life. I would love to talk to her about the time she spent in the Haight in the 60s and what the experience was like.

6. R.L. Stine/Christopher Pike

Once again I group these two together because in my childhood I loved them like the same person. I would love to talk to them together about their writing styles and if there ever was any competition between the two in their chosen genres. I also want to know how they’re able to produce such a large body of work.

7. Oscar Wilde

This is one author who knew how to live it up. I think that if you met him in real life he would just be a crack up and charm you with his wit and intelligence.

8. Truman Capote

I would love to meet the mind that spawned such masterpieces as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood. He was truly one of the best literary voices of his generation.

9. Tana French

Her Dublin murder squad series just keeps getting better. Each novel has kept me on the edge of my seat. I would love to find out what her inspirations are.

10. Agatha Christie

Last, but certainly not least, I would love to meet the queen of all suspense and the mother of the Golden Age mystery. What happened to you during those 11 days and where did you go?

Who are some of the authors you’d love to meet?

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