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Next up in Book Battle 2015 is a book that I own but have not yet read. For this category I chose Human Croquet by Kate Atkinson. After finding Case Histories lying on a table in a coffee shop I went on a Kate Atkinson binge. Her writing is so lyrical and compelling. Life After Life was absolutely enthralling. Her characters are always so well developed and all a bit damaged. You have to look at them through tarnished glass to see them clearly.

It was during this binge that I bought Human Croquet. I moved and lost it for a bit but just found the book the other day in a box I hadn’t unpacked. I can’t wait to start this Atkinsonian journey. I’m sure exciting things are in store. From the jacket, this book promises a rip roaring time warping adventure story. Set in England in the 1960s, Human Croquet is told from the persective of 16 year old Isobel as she tries to navigate family secrets and growing up.

Stay tuned for the full review of Human Croquet. Happy reading!

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