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Paint it Noir

Paint it Noir

For this installment of the Book Battle, I’ve decided to choose a book by an author I love but one that I haven’t read yet. I chose Raymond Chandler’s The Little Sister. Ever since I read The Big Sleep in a detective fiction literature class in college I’ve been in love with this man’s writing style. Chandler and Hammett changed the way people viewed detective fiction. No longer was it the Golden Age mysteries of Agatha Christie with their definite solutions and easy situational comedy, the mysteries of Hammett and Chandler dealt with the seedier side of life. The side where not everything is easily solved and put back into it’s own little box. Chandler and Hammet invented noir. They changed the way people talked and changed the perception of the detective into a hard boiled man also somewhat down on his luck.

Raymond Chandler has such a unique writing style that makes it instantly recognizable, much like Hemingway. His style is minimal but still able to produce such a clear image in your mind as you read. As Ross McDonald said, he writes like a slumming angel. He’s not afraid to get into the gritty underbelly of what makes society tick.

This novel in particular focuses on Hollywood and movie magic. What fame can transform a person into.

Stay tuned for the full review of what I’m sure will be another fantastic Marlowe mystery!