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The Girl on the Train


450 from paddington

Shall we take a trip on the 4:50 From Paddington?

At first, The Girl on the Train was giving me some serious deja vu. It was so much like Agatha Christie’s 4:50 From Paddington. A woman on a train, in Christie’s version it was Miss Marple and in Hawkins it’s Rachel, sees what she thinks could be a murder and then feels the need to prove that what she saw actually happened. But then the two begin to deviate. Rachel is a very unreliable narrator who sometimes doesn’t even know she’s being unreliable. You can’t take her observations at face value because you never know if she’s seeing something factual or just thinks she’s seeing something. The lines between fantasy and fiction blur for her in her alcoholic stupor. The alcohol leaves giant gaps in her memory that she tries to fill with both facts and fiction.

Overall I did like this one. Nothing is as it seems and everyone has secrets. The people you think have the perfect life don’t actually. They’re hiding secrets that run far deeper than you could ever imagine. Every person has their own agenda and is determined at whatever risk to see things through for their own betterment. Just when you think the novel is heading one way it swerves and begins going down a different road.

You feel for Rachel and all through the novel are encouraging her to get her stuff together. But it just seems that she moves from one obsession to another. She moves from alcohol and obsessing about her ex-husband to obsessing about Megan and trying to find her and prove what happened to her. Little does she know, she’s the key to solving the whole case.

Rachel is so easily lead to believe different things I waited a long time for her to finally come into her own. She has about given up on life and is willing to let people tell her what to believe. It takes Rachel an awful long time to finally put two and two together. But when she does it leads to quite the explosive ending.

Rating: 4/5

Stay tuned for the next installment of Book Battle 2015. Happy reading!