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Big Little Lies Is Big Fun

Big Little Lies Is Big Fun

Like an onion, Big Little Lies starts with the superficial facade of the book’s main characters. There’s the beautiful trophy wife married to the wealthy millionaire, the harried housewife, and the young single mother. When I first began the book I thought, this reads almost like a script for The Real Housewives of…fill in the blank. But the more I began to read the deeper the characters became. Flaws emerged, backstories took effect, and lives began to intertwine.

I loved watching each character shed their layers until their true core was revealed in an act of violence. Nothing is as it seems in this glittery beach town on the Australian coast.

Told as a crime in reverse, the novel had me up reading well into the night. I was so drawn into this world I had to know if my suspicions were proved right and what happened on that fateful trivia night. How was the crime connected to each of the characters and how on earth they were going to deal with the aftermath.

A thoroughly satisfying read. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a bit of chick lit with a mystery thrown in. Moriarty knows her audience and definitely delivers a highly entertaining read.

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