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Something New, Something Blue

Something New, Something Blue

Next up in the Battle is Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. This is the author’s first novel and it has received some seriously spectacular reviews. I came across the novel while looking at the NPR book page, they have some amazing recommendations, and was so intrigued by the short summary I read there.

In essence, the novel is about the disappearance and murder of 16 year old Lydia Lee and the ways her family subsequently copes with their tragic loss. The Lee’s are a mixed race family, half white and half Chinese, who live in the 1970s in small town Ohio. With the death of their beloved daughter, the Lee family secrets come to the surface and need to be confronted.

I’m intrigued as to what these secrets could be and how it will affect this family and their community. I also like that this novel is different than most murder mysteries in the fact that it focuses on the family instead of the murder itself, much like The Lovely Bones and Songs For The Missing. I think it creates a much deeper connection between the reader and the characters when they can see the different coping mechanisms the characters employ and trudge through those feelings alongside the characters. While I do like murder mysteries and police procedurals, I’m also drawn to novels where the murder takes a seat behind a family’s attempt to come to terms with the loss.

I can’t wait to get started and delve into the secrets of mysteries of the Lee family. Stay tuned for the review. Happy reading!