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Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Next up in Book Battle 2015 is a book set in California. There are so many to choose from it was hard at first to narrow down the options. But eventually I settled on Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem. The novel is a compilation of her essays from the 1960s that describe some of the movements going on at the time as well as relevant news stories and issues. I have to say I’m pretty darn excited to start reading this book. Didion is supposed to be the voice of her generation, and I’m all for that. I love reading about the tumultuous 1960s, the decade that forever changed the landscape of the US.

I’ve never read anything by Joan Didion before and can’t wait to start with the book that many think is her best. Perusing the book a bit, the articles are spread out into three different parts seemingly based on subject matter. Now I did peek and read the prologue and so far I love the way she writes with so much command and style. And she threw a shout out to Yeats which has my inner literary nerd jumping up and down in excitement.

Happy Reading fellow Book Battlers!