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Dreadful Sorry

Dreadful Sorry

The nostalgia factor for this book was through the roof. I deliberately made myself slow down and savor each page. The book brought me back to days of secretly reading behind the textbook I was supposed to be reading. Those good old elementary and middle school days.

The plot line was almost exactly as I remembered it. Molly has terrible dreams all through her childhood that get worse once she’s forced to take swimming lessons in order to graduate from high school. Apparently, according to my parents, to graduate from high school you used to have to swim a lap across the school pool. As the dreams and the anxiety get worse, Molly decides to head to Maine to visit her father and stepmother and avoid having to take additional swim lessons. But instead of running safely away from her problems Molly is forced to confront them head on when her bad dreams become a new reality. I’m not going to spoil the book denouement for you. You’ll have to read the book and enjoy it first hand.

Now, this book wasn’t quite as thrilling as I remember as a child, you can see the ending coming miles before you get there, but it’s a solid piece of YA fiction. The author does amazing foreshadowing and creates for actualized and fully developed characters. The atmosphere in the book is fantastic. It really adds to the suspense and growing sense of unease as the novel progresses. Who can resist a good ghost story.

The funniest part of the book for me was the author’s take on Californians, being a native Californian myself. It was a lot of New Age psychic stuff with a wink on the side of, oh you crazy Californians and your weird beliefs. It did make me smile. Apparently as a child I didn’t even notice because I don’t remember those scenes at all.

Overall, I am pleased to say that this is one book from my childhood that I can still enjoy as an adult. Pat on the back younger self for your great taste in literature, well sometimes.

Rating: 4/5

Stay tuned for the next installment in Book Battle 2015! A hint, it’s a book by an author I’ve never read before. Can’t wait. Happy reading!