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Veronica Mars Rides Again

Veronica Mars Rides Again

Next up in the book battle is a Veronica Mars spin off books entitled¬†Mr. Kiss And Tell.¬†This is the second book in a new Veronica Mars series taking place after the events in the movie. One of my fellow book battlers lent me this book to read because I was having a hard time finding a book based on a TV show. There are just so many choices out there it’s hard to narrow down your focus.

I’m excited to start this book and take a little departure from more serious reading material into a little more guilty pleasure reading. Now I admit I was absolutely obsessed with this show when it was on the air in high school. I loved that it was a mix of Nancy Drew and Raymond Chandler combined into one snarky high school teen. I’ve always loved the mystery genre for it’s plotting and take on the seedier side of life. I like to kind of play my own detective and see if I can figure out the mystery before the detective in the book.

In college I took a class on detective fiction and it was amazing. It just opened up the world that I already enjoyed even more. I love the plotting structure, the red herrings, and the flawed characters. There’s something almost enchanting about a world where a person sets their mission to right all the wrongs. And Veronica Mars definitely did that. She was the self-proclaimed white hat of Neptune, CA, home of the wealthy and the famous.

I also read the first book in the series and loved it. The show ended so abruptly when it was on air that many of the characters never got to develop their way they were intended to. Now the books give Rob Thomas, the creator of the series, another vehicle to see his creation come back to life and deepen in different ways. It’s so much fun to see characters that had a short shelf life in the series pop up somewhere in the books. And most importantly, it gives the fans the fix they’ve been craving.

Happy reading and stay tuned for the final rating of this book. Maybe it will make it to the finals of Book Battle 2015!