The House of Romanov

The House of Romanov

After some technical difficulties with my aged MacBook, I can finally continue Book Battle 2015! I’m so happy to have my trusty computer companion back with me. We’ve written a lot of papers together. So now that I have it let’s get to the next book in the Battle.

Winter Garden inspired me to change my nonfiction book category pick to Nicholas and Alexandra: The story of the love that ended an empire written by Robert K. Massie, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his novel about Peter the Great. I’ll be honest, I did already start reading the book since I was experiencing technical difficulties over the last week. And I have to say that so far this novel is utterly compelling. History has always held great interest for me. I was that kid that was glued to the History Channel wanting to take everything in. In particular, the Romanov dynasty and Russia have always fascinated me. I suppose it’s because so little is known about the country as a whole. And the fact that it has spans 11 time zones!

Russia has always been a country that’s veiled in mystery. Not much gets out or goes in. We only know what the country has chosen to release. Not to mention the contentious relationship between the US and Russia. Whenever you watch a US made movie or TV show it seems that the bad guy is always Russian, and, when I was younger, I desperately wanted to know why.

It wasn’t until I did a project in high school about Anastasia that I was totally hooked. The whole story of the Romanovs is almost something only an author could cook up. It doesn’t seem real that an entire dynasty could be toppled in just a little over a decade. Not to mention the whole Anastasia/Anna Anderson mystery. Did she escape or not? Science has proven that she hasn’t but the conspiracy theorist and romantic in me wishes that she had.

Stay tuned to hear about the mystic monk, the royal family shrouded in grief, and the vast country on the brink of revolution. Happy reading!

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