Top Ten Tuesday: After The End

Top Ten Tuesday: After The End

This Tuesday’s topic is the top ten characters from books you’ve read that you’d like to check back in with. Who hasn’t wanted to know what happens after the book ends? I think we’re all curious about what happens next to beloved characters. There’s a whole genre for continuing character stories. So without further ado, here are the ten characters I’d like to check in on.


1. Orianna Speerling from The Walls Around Us So I know I just read this but I already am wondering what happened next to this character especially after the novel’s explosive ending.

dreadful sorry

2. Molly from Dreadful Sorry A favorite book from childhood and one I’ve read for the Book Battle. I’d love to find out where she is now and if she and Jared stayed together.


3. Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice I know there’s been so many takes on this novel but I want to know straight from Jane Austen’s mouth what would have happened to these two characters.


4. Frank Mackey and family from Faithful Place I’ve been wondering for a while what happened to Frank and his family after the tragedy at the end of Faithful Place. I know French revisits characters from past books and am hoping she will for Frank.


5. Merricat from We Have Always Lived in the Castle This book left me wondering long after I finished the last page. What happened to Merricat and her sister after the village turned against them?


6. Gemma Doyle The last book left on a bit of a cliff hanger and I wasn’t ready to let this trilogy go.

snow child

7. Faina from The Snow Child This was such a beautiful take on a fairy tale. I loved the setting and the characters and would love to catch up with the snow child herself.


8. Cassandra Mortmain from I Capture the Castle I was so thoroughly enchanted by Dodie Smith’s book and the world she created. Man do I want to read this book again.


9. The unnamed main character from Rebecca I have read this book at least 4 times, and plan on reading it again for the Book Battle. Du Maurier is such a gifted story teller. Each time I read the tale I wonder what next.

nancy drew

10. Nancy Drew By far, Nancy Drew captured my childhood. I’ve always wanted to know what happens to Nancy when she grows up. Does she leave River Heights? What about Bess and George and Ned, the long suffering boyfriend? Inquiring minds would love to know.

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  1. You could have almost written this list for me personally! Agree completely with no.3 – I don’t particularly want to revisit favourite characters written by different authors! I want the Austen version.
    Plus I love your choices of Snow Child (which I almost put on my list) and Rebecca (ditto the previous comment) – and Merricat – what a great choice. And you have I Capture the Castle – oh, such a good list!!
    lynn 😀

    • Thank so much Lynn!! This comment made my day! This top ten Tuesday was so much fun! And you’ve heard of Merricat which is amazing. No one I know has read any Jackson except for The Lottery!

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